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Dragon Requirements

A message from Fallible Dragon...

You are viewing this message either because you are concerned about giving out your real name, or because you haven't yet played an Ultima. These are requirements for joining, and I'll address each in turn.

First, where it asks for real name, you have to type in your real name. If you're really concerned, you can use your first initial and your last name. But it has to be your real name. The whole thing. "John" alone won't cut it. We want to see "John Doe" or "J. Doe".

This is a question of honesty and respect. You being honest with the rest of the club and respecting us, and the rest of the club respecting you in return. How can we respect you if you don't feel we're worthy of knowing your name? If you really don't want to give out your real name, then you're welcome to lurk and participate in the activities, but please don't waste your time by filling out an application.

Second, you have to have played an Ultima in order to be in the Ultima Dragons. The members of this club come from all ages, from all over the world, and from all walks of life. The common thread that binds us is that we all play and love Ultima. If you don't play Ultima or don't like Ultima then quite frankly you won't fit in.

If you've met some Dragons, like the group, and are really interested in joining, yet haven't played an Ultima then there is a solution for you: Go buy an Ultima and play for about a week. Get the one that you'll like best. Ultima IV is the classic, but the technology is old. Ultima Underworld is satisfying for folks who like Doom. Ultima VII part II is pretty good for you if you want to get into the more recent games in the Ultima series. Whatever. The point is, find out if you like Ultima before you join.

Now, there's no test for any of this. Unless you're blatantly obvious, we'll take you at your word. But if you lie, eventually we'll find out and then your membership will be very publicly revoked.

So please, play an Ultima and use your real name. If you're an Ultima lover like the rest of us, then we want you to be one of us.

Fallible Dragon
a.k.a. William Herrin